Why are there so many ravens in the Sanctuary?

Below: Ravens soaring over the sanctuary. Click to enlarge:

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April 20, 2014, Sunday

Today was the most active day on the Wolf Haven prairie I have ever experienced. There were so many birds singing, swooping, calling, and soaring, I was, as the British say, absolutely "spoiled for choice!" From the beautiful liquid song of a Purple Finch in the distance to the surprise buzz of an early Savannah Sparrow, I found it impossible to focus on any one thing.

While watching numerous Bald Eagles, Ravens, and Red-tailed Hawks soaring and calling, I heard the second surprise of the day - a McGillivray's Warbler. Then, suddenly came the long drawn-out howl of a wolf, followed of course by all the rest. I pulled out my phone and recorded everything. It was too good to pass up! What an incredible day.

No Barn Swallows yet, but five new species for the spring season today: Orange-crowned Warbler, McGillivray's Warbler, Savannah Sparrow, Pacific Slope Flycatcher, and Purple Finch.

Below are all the birds observed or heard in Spring 2014 as of April 20; total 29. Click on any bird to hear its song.